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Amplify IPCM through traditional and social media

Dear Participants:

Greetings from the IPCM media team!

As this historic gathering of more than a hundred advocates opposed to mining plunder across the world fast approaches, news of the upcoming IPCM 2015 has already made airwaves in two of the host country Philippines’ top national radio stations.

This highlights how the IPCM is also an opportunity to raise public awareness over the various people’s issues and stories on mining that we bring to the conference. And with your help, we can reach out to a worldwide audience.

Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Contribute your own multimedia content. Send us photos, videos, graphics, and story write-ups regarding the various mining issues you currently face in your country at ipcm.media@gmail.com. This will help us project mining issues from your locality, and help us identify common narratives across the countries represented. We encourage you to send in short raw footages and high-resolution photos of mining operations, disasters, and people’s struggles.
  • Reach out to your country’s media. Send us e-mail addresses of your media contacts so we can include them in the IPCM’s media list. If you have the capacity as a media liaison, or if you are a media worker yourself, we hope you can volunteer in facilitating worldwide coverage of our upcoming press statements, multimedia releases, and activities.
  • Amplify IPCM through social media. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we will be posting general information and real-time updates when the conference starts. We encourage all participants to actively discuss mining issues across all social media using our unified hashtag #PeoplesMining. We will also be hosting a livestream for the IPCM’s plenary sessions at our Website.
  • Bring the action with you. We plan to wear our advocacy on our sleeves throughout the lineup of symbolic actions and other activities in the IPCM. We are requesting all participants to bring your local traditional attire to visually represent your respective cultures. We also encourage everyone to wear protest/statement shirts throughout the conference. Lastly, we invite all participants to prepare cultural performances, including indigenous rituals, song or movement numbers, and solidarity speeches.

We thank you and hope for your positive response and active contribution towards a successful IPCM. For any questions, comments and suggestions, and especially contributions, do not hesitate to contact us through ipcm.media (at) gmail (dot) com.

See you soon,

The IPCM Media Team